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Our all-in-one offer allows you to have one single contact with one single budget for your entire enclosure project.

  • Aesthetic Design (Shape & Look)

  • Product Design (CAM / Programming)

  • Enclosure Prototype

DESIGN & AESTHETICS: How to make a difference!

Shape, material, colors…

In a highly competitive environment, those elements are often essential to make a difference and to give your company an edge over others.

Our in-house designers are passionate and are constantly looking for the latest design trends. With over 20 years of experience in customers’ requests and technology, they are able to accompany you in the research of the most adapted aesthetic shape for your plastic enclosure.

What does this ALL-IN-ONE offer include?

  • Definition of your environmental, technical, and aesthetical constraints.
  • Design of the inner enclosure/housing part to integrate all components.
  • Definition of the aesthetic design with the proposition of 1 – 3 Shape & Color Aesthetic Designs.
  • Design modification based on your feedback.

Once the prototype is made, the finishing touches such as printing or part marking are all made in our on-site workshop

  • Marking: Digital print or etching.
  • EMI paint: Selective application of an EMI copper paint.
  • Paint: all Pantone colors and more available.