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Choosing the right raw material: Plastic, the alternative to metal | The choice by enclosure type: ABS or PS enclosure

Choosing the right raw material
Plastic: The alternative to metal

In order to pick the right material for your application, there are a few questions that need some answers:

  • Will my device be used indoor or outdoor?
  • Are there standards my device needs to meet (I.e. UL, IP, RoHs, Reach, ISO)?
  • Is there a cosmetic detail to take into account for the end-user?
  • Does the device have to be carried or transported easily?

For most of the projects, using plastic instead of metal has the following advantages

  • Lighter – easy to manipulate and transport.
  • More cosmetic possibilities.
  • Possibility to choose UL94-V0 listed raw material.
  • Possibility of conductive coatings (Uniform or selective).

ABS or Boltaron enclosure

You are looking for an ABS or Boltaron (UL94_V0) enclosure? You are in the right place. To make a custom design enclosure, front panel, case, or housing in ABS or Boltaron  please find below some technical information regarding the raw material

ABS raw material (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

  • A thermoplastic copolymer ;
  • Excellent mechanical features ;
  • High shock resistance ;
  • Link: Technical Data Sheet
  • In the product range, you can choose between 3mm and 4mm thickness and the raw material color black, dark grey, light grey, and white.

Boltaron – UL94_V0 raw material 

  • A thermoplastic polymer ;
  • Good shock resistance ;
  • Excellent electrical isolation ;
  • Good dimensional stability, no internal technical restriction ;
  • Link: Technical Data Sheet
  • In the product range, you can choose between 3mm to 6mm thickness and the raw material colors black, white, light grey, and dark grey.

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