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Order your enclosure with ElectroniCase in 4 Steps:

Step 1 - Choose your model and customize it:

1- Choose your model within "ElectroniCase" range of designs.

2- Choose your material.

3- Customize your enclosure.

4- Choose your features, finish (printing, part marking).

5- Click on Instant Quote and follow instructions.

6- Get your estimate in your account "Login".

Step 2 - Approve and finalize your project:

1- Send your quote to our staff through "My account" for approval.

2- Our staff will contact you with more details.

3- Get your formal quote in your account and/or by email.

Step 3 - Order your prototype ElectroniCase :

1- In "Login", select your approved quote; check out and follow instructions.

2- Pay online with a credit card.

3- Receive your prototype within 5 working days freight on board.

Step 4 - Order your production run(s) :

1- Order a production run after approval of the prototype and adjustments.