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Lean Manufacturing Process

We use a Lean-Manufacturing process to keep control of your lead times.

Lead times for ElectroniCase

ElectroniCase Prototype

  • Turnaround time is 5 working days, FOB, upon receipt of all necessary information needed for designing your custom enclosure ElectroniCase

  • Upon request, you can also pre-approve a complete set of 3D drawings prior to manufacturing

  • Our fabrication process is secure and efficient; allowing you to focus only on the design of the electronics

ElectroniCase Production run

Turnaround time is 15 to 20 workings days, FOB, upon approval of the prototype and/or design modifications.

Important note for ElectroniCase

  • Delivery time is considered number of "working days" and freight on board (FOB)

  • Delivery time is meant for standard configuration only :

    • ElectroniCase models

    • Material, internal features, and standard accessories

    • No Printing

    • A production run of fewer than 250 parts

    • For any other requirement, additional production days may be required