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Case study 1 - Enclosure HSM – Plastic Enclosure EC10-100-0

The Project :

The idea was to develop and design an enclosure, that houses the function of a mini computer, for maintenance operations on site.

Specific technical requirements :

The customer had developed an app for maintenance on site at industrial premises, which needed to be integrated in a mini portable computer, holding a powerful PCB (printed circuit board) with several in/out-connectors. The aim was to:

  • Design an enclosure as small as possible, shock resistant during transport and handling, while being used as a portable device ;

  • Allow a certain security level, regarding the data stored on the PCB ;

  • Respect a very low unit price, due to the market ;

The solutions :

  • We designed the enclosure strictly around the PCB and the cut outs for the connectors. We furthermore designed a special cut out for the display connected to the PCB ;

  • Taking the possibility of impact into consideration due to frequent transport and handling, we did not choose any paint finish, but scratch resistant raw material ;

  • We integrated vent slots on one of the side panels to evacuate the heat generated by the PCB instead of the bottom panel in order not to weaken the robustness of the enclosure ;

  • For the opening / access security (HSM – Hardware Security Module), we designed a first level security opening mechanism ;

The result :

The customer was satisfied with the developed design, and prototype sample. The application tests were convincing. The unit price for volume productions was under 12€.

The aesthetic :

A 100% bespoke custom designed plastic enclosure based on the model: EC10-100-0 :

Case study 1 - Enclosure HSM – Plastic Enclosure EC10-100-0